Stationary or portable power sets.

Applied as main, standby or emergency power supply for 1 phase or 3 phases AC users.

Uninterruptable power supply – device is an electrical device that provides uninterruptable power supply to the connected power equipment.

Applied for storing energy and autonomic power supply for different devices. They have capacity from 3 to 6000 Ampere-hours and a life-time   from 5 to 25 years.

18 April 2016

In Aktau the former tablet producing plant will...

Investors are planning to buy out plant "Caspiy electronics". The new plant will produce inverters and batteries for solar panels. This was reported by Ibrahim Tagashev, Chairman of the Board of JSC NC "SEC "Kaspiy".

14 February 2016

Batteries offering up to 800km independent operation...

In March 2016, the Spanish company Graphenano will launch serial production of high-energy gravenpolder batteries, which will allow the car to run 800 kilometers to a full discharge. 

01 November 2015

Panasonic to sell its lead batteries production...

Panasonic Corporation announced the sale of the battery business as part of restructuring, involving a Japanese company focus on the most profitable markets.

09 October 2015

A new non-freezing battery for Arctic has been...

"The ice-lead battery (battery) designed to work in cold climates and to provide an electric motor to run any types of military automotive and armored vehicles," - sends a message Tass agency.