14 February 2016

Batteries offering up to 800km independent operation are on the way to mass production

      In March 2016, the Spanish company Graphenano will launch serial production of high-energy gravenpolder batteries, which will allow the car to run 800 kilometers to a full discharge. Thus the size of the new battery will be almost 30% more modest than its lithium counterparts, and to recharge the battery, you will need only 5 minutes.

The production of batteries of new generation will be adjusted at the factory Graphenano in Yecla (Murcia), which the company estimates will be able to provide jobs to 7,000 local residents.

However, the pros and cons of the project are still debated. According to the manufacturers, the uniqueness of gravenpolder batteries is that they can be used not only in electric cars, motorcycles, scooters and drones, but at home and even in medicine (for example, for the manufacture of pacemakers).

It is worth noting that commercialization of the project, which became known in 2014, will finally become possible thanks to the emergence of a new companion Graphenano – Chinese holding company Grupo Chint, specializing in the production of solar panels and generation of electricity.