18 April 2016

In Aktau the former tablet producing plant will assemble batteries for solar batteries

        Investors are planning to buy out plant "Caspiy electronics". The new plant will produce inverters and batteries for solar panels. This was reported by Ibrahim Tagashev, Chairman of the Board of JSC NC "SEC "Kaspiy".

The new production will be launched by Kazakhstan "ABB" together with the Finnish "VEO". The project, according to Ibrahim Tagashev, is at the stage of signing the agreement on cooperation.

"The history of the plant "Caspiy electronics is finished this project was completed. Protracted judicial proceedings are finished. We are signing an agreement stating that the new investor comes, the building will be redeveloped, the equipment of the former plant will be removed. The new investors plan to release the panels, inverters for solar panels produced in Kazakhstan. Both companies "ABB" and "VEO" is a specialised organization in the field of electrical engineering," said Ibrahim Tagashev.

According to the Chairman of the SEC "Caspian", the produce of Aktau plant will comprise components for solar panels produced by the plant in Astana.

"Investors have money to buy the plant. After the transaction the state will return the funds invested in plant of tablets. It's not just a promise, the contract is already at the stage of signing," said Ibrahim Tagashev.

Recall that in Aktau expected to produce 67 thousand tablet computers, 40 thousand TVs and 43 thousand monitors per year. The project included in the program of the forced industrialization, and in December 2011 was solemnly put into operation during the teleconference devoted to the 20 anniversary of independence with the participation of President of Kazakhstan.

Later investigation revealed that the equipment presented in the amount of 600 million Tenge actually were worth 20 million. According to the investigation, according to its specifications it was not designed for the Assembly of tablet computers.

In the course of investigation, the Department for combating economic and corruption crimes of Atyrau district has proved that a single tablet computer on the "Caspiy Electronics" has not been made. The attackers bought about a thousand of tablet computers in China for a total amount of 958 thousand Tenge.

On arrival a fee tablets demonstration was going, and then disassembled. The financial police concluded that the project was originally initiated with the aim of fraud against the state under the idea of creating the country's first plant on production of tablet computers.